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Exported reports are unorganized, even when customized

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When collecting event registrations, you are given the option to have registrants bring a guest(s). In my instance, the "guest" is an additional representative from the same company. On the registration forms I've created, I have the registrants fill out their company information and personal information, and their guest's information (name, email, title), if applicable. When I export the report, I would expect any guest information to automatically be associated with/listed under the company/person with whom they are registered. This is not the case. It sorts the report by registrant name, not company name, and this is not something you are allowed to change. This makes it very difficult to know which guest is associated with which company. Unless you ask them to type the same company information again in the guest information field, which is redundant, guests are just thrown into the list alphabetically by name. My suggestion would be to allow "custom" reports to be just that; allow the user to choose how the information is to be sorted upon being exported. In my case, I'm wanting to know which companies signed up for my event, and each person associated with that company. You should not have to ask registrants to fill out the company information again in the guest section; it should automatically be grouped together in the report. 

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