Extend expiration date for survey pages

Is there a way to extend the survey expiration date past six months? According to documentation automatically close six months after the date it was published, unless you specified an earlier expiration date. What if we need a later date?


We use this to collect data over a year time period and then copy and create a new survey for each year. 

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Hi @MarySusanA you are correct, at this time the expiration date of a survey campaign cannot be set to longer than 6 months. This is however a feature request we have submitted to our Product Team. We have also opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.


How do I extend a survey expiration date after the survey already has responses?


Hi @LendaJ. You will need to unpublish the survey in order to make edits. As noted in this idea, you cannot extend the expiration beyond six months from the creation of the survey. 


This is a terrible idea to just have the survey for 6-months.  Did you not do any customer analysis?  

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When using the new survey tool, there is not an option to keep the survey open/active endlessly. I have to set an "end date" within 6 months, which is too short for what we need.
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It appears that, with the most recent update, surveys are set to expire in 6 months. This doesn't work for us as a number of our surveys are related to year-long processes/projects that we review and compile information on annually. It will be a real pain for us to have to create new versions midway through that and look at our data in two separate chunks, rather than together for the correct time frame. It would be REALLY helpful and appreciated if having a survey expiration were optional, not mandatory.

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Please remove the expiration date on surveys. We gather info on some surveys over a full year and beyond. The 6 month limit will require unnecessary additional work to recreate surveys once they expire. This tool is supposed to make life easier, not create extra work.

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