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FIX Check in!

FIX Check in!

Please allow registrants and guest to be checked in separately! Otherwise we have to disable that function and have less people at our events.

Thanks for posting this feedback!

The app integrated with Event Spot events for sign-up is terrible. Even if you would show ALL names of registrants, instead of just he main registrar that would be better. We may have 6 people register, but they add on 10 additional attendees each. The app is pointless unless it shows the names of all attendees, not just registrars. We also collect email address of all attendees upon arrival. It would be nice to be able to add each individual attendee to our contacts upon sign in, beings that info is not collected through registration. Please take into consideration! Thank you :smileyface:
We love your event registration system. We are however very disappointed with EventSpot. This product just needs a little work to be useful. When we have a registrant that registers a guest, Event spot automatically registers the guests upon checkin even if the guest does not show up. We need to verify that every registrant and guest is checked in individually. We also would like an option to check the guest out at the end of the day so they can receive credit for attending. We are having to look elsewhere for the check-in portion of our needs. Please spend a little more time on this app.

Event Spot - We sponsor about 10 events a year.  We would like to have a list of our events that we can post on our website rather than the current calendar app which is provided by Constant Contact. The calendar looks very empty. Is there anyway to have a link with a LIST of our activities with a hyperlink on each that is automatic?  Thanks.

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The Event Check-In app is not functional for any level of event. Registered guests need to be checked in individually not just with the person who registered them. I also cannot access past events. Nor did anything happen when I clicked on a name for an upcoming event. Please update this app so that constant contact events function in the tech age!! Thank you!
CTCT Employee
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Event Spot- Need a reminder to "REOPEN" registration after making edits. I manage many events at one time and too many times I have forgotten to reopen registration after making an edit.   "WARNING" Your event registration is closed". 


thank you.