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Filter survey reporting by responses

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Hello, our business enjoyed using your survey feature because it provided essential insights into our ongoing operations. Part of discerning what decisions to make depended upon our ability to filter results to see how different segments responded to the questions. A lack of filtering in your new survey feels like a step backwards, even if the new template is prettier and easier to navigate. Please consider returning this important feature to your surveys. Thanks.

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Hi @ChrisD173 what type of filtering are you looking for when viewing your survey results? For instance are you looking to view results based on a specific respondent or something else?

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Hi Frankie, 

We find great value in being able to view full survey results on only the respondents that answered one (or more) of the questions in a particular way. We are a theater, so for example: Of all the people who attended our 7:30 Friday shows and also indicated that they purchased VIP seating, what do these people have to say about the value of their experience or their enjoyment of the overall experience. How did these particular people answer our other survey questions?
Being able to creatively filter respondents gives us valuable information from which to make decisions. I suspect other users would find this helpful as well. 
Thank you. 

Hi !


We will continue to make improvements to our new Survey pages, and I have tracked your feedback. For now I recommend clicking on any of the "see more responses" links to get into a drill down report. From here you can filter just by people who responded a certain way, and export the filtered responses.

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