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Fix survey links

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Your system for sending out surveys functions very poorly.  I cannot express how frustrated I am. 


I am sure there is some logical reason you have two different  links for when the survey is in draft form and when it is published. But, it is a trap for users.  This is especially true since, when the survey is in draft form, there is a warning at the top that results will not be recorded.  But, that warning goes away when the survey is published leading users to believe that it will now record the answers. 


I sent the link out to all of my contacts. More than 500 responded. Not one response was recorded.  I tried technical support.  I was told I was out of luck. The link was the wrong link and there is no way to recover the data. 


Embarrased, I emailed my clients who took the survey and told them about the mistake. I gave them a new link.  I got that new link by pulling the link from the "Add it to a webpage" box, testing it, and then pasting it in an email.  Silly me, I did not realize that, when I pasted it in the browser, your website automatically forwarded it to a link that would not work for my clients.  


So, because it was auto forwarded to a link that does not work, the second link that I sent apologetically to my clients did not work. Now I feel humiliated.  It makes me look incompetent to my clients.  


When I called customer service, again I was told there was no solution.  This is my fault because the link I used did not have the word start at the end of it. To make it work, I would have to send a third link to my clients. 


In short. Constant Contact's whole draw is to make small businesses look professional.  This week, your survey platform made me look bad.  It undermines my image. 


Worse, when I called technical support, they had no solutions. None, zip notta.  Technical support should be empowered enough and skilled enough to find solutions.  There is no way I am the first client to ever have this problem.  To be greated with a shrug when I call for help is unacceptable. 


I hope you take the time over the next few days or weeks to find a way to fix this bug. I hope I am the last customer who has to be humilated in front of his clients by this product.

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I truly apologize for what has happened, I understand and agree the 2 links can get confusing. As we work on improving the Survey tool we will definitely keep this in mind.


Thank you.

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