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I've been with CC for 15 years. CC has many, many coujnter-intuitive aspects which take me excess time - particularly on the Event Platform - and, frankly, drive me nuts. I have CC to SAVE me time, instead, this because a job in and of itself. I need help virtually every **bleep** time I want to create an email, and I'm almost never starting from scratch - I'm copying a past email, trying to update it, and still... In any case, (1) FIX THE EVENT PLATFORM, and (2) consider doing a screen share with me and/or other good but frustrated customers to see, first hand, why we're frustrated.
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Hi @DonF0 what about our event campaign does not fit your needs? What changes would you like to see? We're always open to ways we can better our user's experience so any further details you can share ensures we can submit your feedback to the appropriate teams.

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