Fuzzy images on Event Landing Page banner

Is anyone else going crazy with the width of the Event Landing page banner? There is no way to get a crisp image! If you upload a 914px image (template's banner size), CC sizes it down to 800px. Then, when you insert that 800px image, it is too small. Then, you have to scale it back up to 914px... but lose all the sharpness and clarity. Really, what gives? CC, please let us: A) upload images to 914px wide B) resize your Event Landing Page to 800px wide, so everything aligns C) give us access to the Style Sheet ... or even better, please do all.
Status changed to: Voting Open
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Ditto to all of the above! My boss gets on my case every time I send him a Campaign to approve for release, and every time I stammer and have to blame CoCo.


What's the programming problem here?  Why isn't it simply fixed instead of opened for voting?