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I am trying to enhance our email sign-up page thank-you message with a link . A consultant has identified this message as an important opportunity for engagement and feels that the message "You can unsubscribe at any time" is a wasted opportunity.

I see that using embedded sign-up forms we do not have the option to configure the message.  So I tried it with a new landing page, and put the landing page in an iframe in our footer (controlled by a button so that it pops up on demand). It is working up to a point; the thank-you page appears with the button I configured when the form is submitted.  But clicking on the button takes the user to the intended page -- in the iframe!

If it's not possible to add more options to configure the embedded signup forms, could we at least have the option to set that button to open the url in a new tab?

You can see what I have done here: https://wordpress-305189-1344156.cloudwaysapps.com/ (scroll down to the footer and click on "Sign up for our newsletter").

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Hi @ChrisK046  thank you for sharing this feedback! We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.

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