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The EventSpot templates allow for a 900 pixel wide logo image but your system automatically compresses all large images to 800 pixels wide and reduces the clarity. When using the edit function, enlarging the image makes it into a blurry mess. Leaving the image at 800 pixels makes it look like it's floating. Both of these options look unprofessional. You should allow 900 pixel images OR change your templates so they are only 800 pixels wide.
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How was this addressed? I'm having similar issues.

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I'd like to know that too!


Hello Hannah_M,

I am having major issues with your service and blurry images also.

Can you advise?


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We have been struggling with this issue as well. All header images look blurry no matter what we do because we want it to fill the whole width of the page.


How was this fixed?


I would just like to know how I find the pixel size of each box so I can size my images.  The last time this was addressed on CC was back in 2011 and is not correct anymore.  I resize my images, but then they look massive on the mobile view.  I have PS and am more than happy to resize to whatever size works... but I need to know what that is!


Hi @MichelleC7690. I don't see you using the event tool in your account so I believe that you might be asking about image sizing in your emails. Please feel free to let me know if I'm incorrect!


When an image is included in an email and viewed on a mobile device, it will stretch to fit the width of the screen. This is because all of our third-generation editor templates are mobile responsive. I would suggest sizing down your image prior to upload. A recommendation we make if you do not want your image to be full-width is to upload it at 200px wide. 


This is exactly what I needed to know!  Thank you!

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