How do I copy an email from a previous survey?

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I can copy a survey but the email doesn't copy with it. I have to recreate the email from scratch.
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Thanks for posting this feedback! You cannot copy the invite from one survey to another but you can copy within the same survey if needed. A workaround to this is to copy the existing survey and copy the HTML code to the new invite. 

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I would like to see the email from a previous survey copy when I copy the survey. I am sending 1 survey per event and copying the email would be great.
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Thanks for sharing this feedback! You can copy the invitation with in the same survey but you wouldn't be able to copy from one survey to another. 

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Under "Actions" when clicking on a survey there should be an option to "Resend an invite" and then to choose those "new since last sent". Currently, you have to go into the actual survey and find the invitation and copy it. I only found that out while I was waiting on hold to figure out how to do this...since quick send was not available. OR Maybe the real easier situation is to create a quick send as an option from all emails you have sent. Once selected have it go to your contacts and you then choose who to quick send to
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