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I also use for my credit card payments when people call in.

I also use for my credit card payments when people call in.

Just wondering if will be used as an option when my customers register. I really like it and it's much easier on our side and less expensive. Let me know if this will ever be an option. thank you
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Hi Deborah,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. This isn't an option right now but is an interesting thought to consider. Would you like to have your registrants complete payment as they come into your event or are you in a situation where you see the people who would be registering in person ahead of time?


Hi! Yes please! Integrate Square for both pre-registration as well as tickets to be sold at the door. All in one event. Please! Please!

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 I too would like to see Square be integrated as a payment option.  It's easier to use than paypal for many things, the reports are far superior, and funds are deposited to our bank account daily (vs on demand with paypal).

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Agreed! PLEASE give us another option other than WePay, and Pro Pay. Have used them all and dislike all three!! Never had an issue with Square. PLEASE add square as a payment option for pre registration!!

Please add as an option. Thank you for including the Event spot as part of our cost. Logan was an amazing help with our registration. John
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Add my vote to add square.  Much more reliable that PayPal. 

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Add Square as an online payment option for events.