I created 3 promo codes and decided not to use them. I am now unable to remove the promo code box.

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This is a terrible feature. I do not want to confuse my customers with the promo code box on the registration page. There is no way to delete this box and now it is confusing to customers and they are calling our office asking about a promo code. PLEASE ADD THE FEATURE THAT ALLOWS ME TO REMOVE THIS PROMO CODE BOX FROM THE REGISTRATION PAGE IF I DO NOT HAVE ANY PROMO CODES THAT I AM OFFERING. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE FEATURE THAT I CAN NOT REMOVE THIS.
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Thanks for posting this feedback! Unfortunately once the event is published there isn't a way to delete the code but you can still pause them even once the event is published. 

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Has this issue been resolved?  I wanted to see what this feature looked like on my event and now I can't remove it???  THIS IS RIDICULOUS!  

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