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I want a feature to make event registration password protected

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The access code feature is not really a good solution -- it would be better if when someone clicked "Register here" it brought up a blank screen with "enter password here" and then once entered only then opened the registration form. That's how worked and it was really slick. Figuring since that was a FREE service and now I pay for EventSpot, I'm surprised that's not a fully functional feature. Seems to me I shouldn't have to use a "workaround" regarding hiding fees (i.e. current access code feature), but rather have a true Private Event feature. This is a free event for my guests -- that's the point of making it private/password only. Its an expensive dinner and I don't want random people registering from my website/landing page. I want to provide a convenient landing page hyperlink from my website for the convenience of my invited guests. Since my event is free the "Fees" section does not apply here anyway. For example, on our printed and email invitations, we would provide our guest list with the registration "password" so they can go online and register. I also want to put a link to the Landing Page on my website (which is public) but only people who have the password can register. Make sense? Anyway, like I said it was a FREE feature on and surprised it is not available on this pay service.

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