I would like to have a filtered survey able to print out the comments made by that filtered group

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If you can make this possible, it would increase the value of CC survey to my clients. Please let me know if this can be fixed. Thanks sherie@wallacegroup.com

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Thanks for posting this idea! Can you tell me mroe about how you filter into groups? Are you referring to a specific list of contacts?

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I have just printed out the survey results from my survey.  It took a long time. Here are my suggestions

1. When the "other " category is an option, the comments should show on the the survey results so it can be printed with the other results so that one doesn't have to go back and print them separately.

2. When there are comments, these should be able to be printed just below the survey question so that one doesn't have to go back and print them separately as well.

3. If that can't be done, then 50 per page should be the default. Otherwise even with just eleven many clicks need to take place to get it right.

4. If there are more comments than can fit on a page, sometimes the second page doesn't print properly and a comment is located in the header and other times located in the footer and sometimes half the line is missing so either only 1/2 of the upper letters or lower letters are printed.

5. The whole structure seems somewhat archaic in terms of what programming could be available to streamline the entire printing process. 

6. It would be nice to have CC options for printing and not just rely on the printer options, e.g. there is no "print" selection when looking to print the results.


I hope I don't sound like I am complaining too much, but you asked for feedback, so that's mine.


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.


Susan Megerman


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