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Include Donation within event registration

Include Donation within event registration

I have created an event with paid attendees, however I would like to include the option for the attendees to also make a donation at the same time as purchasing tickets. Currently the only 'donate' option is when people decline to attend.
Hi, it is very limiting for our business (and possibly for others as well) to not allow to have donation button/donation capability on registration page. It is so important for our fundraising to allow a registrant to accomplish two tasks: buy tickets for attendance to an event AND to make a donation in one quick step. I hope you will consider my feedback and improve this in the future. Thank you
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Hello, Thank you for your feedback. You bring up a valid option that would be valuable on the registration form. We are currently looking into the possibility of adding this option to the registration form. Please continue to vote on this and any other topics you would like to see implemented.
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it would be helpful to be able to solicit donations above cost of event (right now just people declining can donate...) Also, on multiple choice questions it would be helpful to be able to have a comment box for the question
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Thanks for this feedback, great idea!


An easy workaround would be to include your multiple choice question and then include an open ended question. I've used both below you show you how this would work.

12-3-2013 10-11-49 AM.jpg

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Not only is it really important to non-profit organizations to be able to include a donation on the registration form - but it is really important to be able to include it as an open-ended amount.  I have had several conversations with people at Constant Contact about this since 2012 and this still hasn't been able to happen.  It can't be that hard!   Whatever amount is filled in can simply get added to the grand total at the end, and can be paid via the same means. 


How can you ask people to click on a separate PayPal button to donate (and thus navigate away from their registration form) when they're in the middle of registering for an event with a fee that will be paid via PayPal!   And yet that's the only kind of "solution" that PayPal offers for this.


The one work-around that I have found (clumsy and awkward as it is) is to include contributions in the "Additional Items" category, set a unit "price" for contributions, and then instruct people via text on the registration form to select the desired MULTIPLE from the drop down to reach the amount they want to give.  For example, set "Contribution" as an item at $10.00 "each", then they can select multiples of $10 from the drop down (i.e., 1, 2, 3, etc).  Although that line still reads "$10" and has no subtotal, the correct total contribution amounts ($10, $20, $30, etc.) WILL display down at the bottom of the form on a line labeled Contribution. 


There is another place where an open-ended field is needed  -- actually -- even in the FEE area - when you want to offer admission on a "Pay what you wish" basis to an event.  Currently this is not possible.


Please make this a priority in the New Year (2014) and SOLVE IT!  Thanks! 

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You provide a donation option for when they decline the event. You need to provide a donation option so if they want to add onto their purchase a donation they can do so.
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This is a popular request. Please continue voting for this so a donation option can be added on the form. Thank you!
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Event seettings should allow for a selection where we can allow someone to enter any amount they choose as a payment option. Sometimes we have events where we are collecting donations and not a set amount but the fee structure doesn't allow this. There is a donation option but we can only use it if we send out an email invitation and they decline. We would also like this available at any time, not just after email and declining registration. Thank you.
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Status changed to: New
Thank you for this suggestion Lisa. We are reviewing adding donation options on the Event landing page and registration form. I will move your post together with other requests for this so you can track updates. Please continue voting for this and other features you want to see.
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