Include option to add more fields on personal infomation

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We need to include more fields than allowed in the personal information on the event registration form. I understand the custom 1 fields but this only works for one guest not multiple.


HI @JoannaH64

Thanks for posting. It sounds like you should be able to set your registration form up as needed using the custom question in the guest information field. Even if you have multiple questions the custom question would show up multiple times. 


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Hi Hannah_M,

I really appreciate your response, the issue is I have to much informaiton needed to be collected and need more questions on the guest form than you allow for. I think it would be really useful to have the option to add more quesitons in each category.




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Registration form not working
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HI @BobC308

What problems are you having with the registration form?

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Why was the status of this question changed multiple times when no solutions where provided?  The OP along with A LOT of other paying users want to be able to add more custom fields than constant contact allows.  This should be an easy fix/add yet we are going on 3-4 years and nothing has been addressed. Google forms has unlimited custom fields, so does Microsoft.  Constant Contact doesn't even allow you to edit their pre-determined fields.

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