Include "Other" with comment option for multiple choice on Survey Pages

You're going to leave us in a bad way if you discontinue our use of the Legacy Survey template on June 30.  We use that template to allow our church members to make a pledge for the year.  The template is used through out the year. 

I've tried to replicate our Legacy form with your new form, but you have not allowed a separate Comments box.  Your Comments box is connected to the answer Other, and that will be unduly confusing for everyone.  Please provide a separate Comments box for each question.  thank you.

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Hi @UUSara does placing a question block after your multiple choice block help fit these needs?

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I just attempted to re-create our existing survey that we have been using for years into the new Survey Builder, and have found some unacceptable limitations:


1.  In the legacy builder, it was possible to add a comment field to a multiple choice question.  The new Builder only includes an "Other - Explain below" response option, which isn't the same as simply allowing customers to provide explanatory comments to their chosen response.  It has been our experience that we gain valuable information in the comments way beyond just the multiple choice response.


2.  The Open Answer response field in the new Builder only allows a maximum of 500 characters, whereas in the legacy builder 1000 characters was allowed.  We often get testimonials (one of our survey questions) that exceed 500 characters.  I strongly recommend a 1000 character Open Answer response field option. 


I hope CC will add this lost functionality back into the Survey Builder very soon!

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I just posted the same concern about the lack of a Comments field within a Multiple Choice survey question.  Adding an Open Answer Question after each Survey Question as suggested by Frankie_P is a workaround for me.

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The Open Answer Question is also handled as it's own entity in the reporting - there is no way to determine which Open Answer response was intended to be a comment to a specific multiple choice question.  The report exports all the Open Answer responses questions at the top of the report regardless of their order in the survey.  

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