Include skip logic in new survey pages

Need the ability in the new Survey page feature to add skip logic functionality to questions. This is currently available in the legacy survey tool. The legacy survey tool should continue to be available for use until current functionality is available in the new survey tool.

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Hello @BrickStreet.Communications. Thank you for the feedback about our survey pages and the ability to add skip logic. I'll open this idea up for voting and we'll post here if we hear any updates. 


Terrible, Terrible, Terrible,

Where is the skip logic?

Where is the responder contact info question?

Don't even know what else is missing.

This was a great program that is now all but useless to me.



where is the skip logic in the new Survey Pages? Also the ability to have an opening and closing page? this new survey module is rubbish!!! please increase it's functionality so it at least matches the functionality of the Legacy Survey module


We have been using the legacy survey for a while now and we are sad not to see some functions on the new survey creation tools. The missing progress bar and page breaks - this was helpful to break up our survey in sections when we do the end-of-the-year surveys. Skip Logic - this was also helpful if a customer answered yes to bring them to a follow-up question and if no we directed them to the next important question so they would not have to scroll past the questions that didn't pertain to them. The ratings on a scale - the legacy version has a section you could say. "How would you rate the following statements..." and then under you could have multiple questions and only have one set of scale ratings (also the word you place in the scale rankings didn't get cut in odd sports like the new version). I also would love to see a drop-down box for the survey so customers can select a name from a drop-down menu to keep things looking neat and to keep scrolling too much.


Using the dividers and spacing blocks will not solve the situation, it just makes the survey look longer. With page breaks the person taking the survey can hit next to go to the next main category of the survey. For our annual survey, it would be since to have 3 separate pages so the survey doesn't feel so long.


Completely agree. We must have this feature or will need to find another platform. 

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It seems that the new Survey Pages actually has LESS data functionality than the Legacy version since Skip Logic (conditional logic) is no longer available. Although the graphic design functionality seems to be greatly improved in how you can make the survey page look, it was at the expense of data organization and logic capability that can affect survey completion rates. I would like to see that Skip Logic functionality brought back to Surveys somehow. Perhaps referencing how Triggers for an Automated Series is built. I would think the Skip Logic of a Survey would work in a similar manner, after all it's merely a Trigger for a Survey Question.


Hi @CrystalP4 what are some cases where you would want skip logic in your survey?

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When sending feedback surveys to customers sometime the questions need to differ based the location of service, service received, etc. We also use surveys with our volunteers a lot so sometimes know whether they are a first-time volunteer or returning volunteer changes the questions that are relevant to their experience. We used to use the Skip Logic function A LOT in order to use one master survey for multiple microgroups of people but be able to customize and shorten the survey to only the relevant questions based on that person's experience.


Yes, skip logic needs to be implemented.  I have a group of questions that if they respond in the affirmative, I want to ask additional questions which I cannot do in this version. 

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The loss of skip logic and page breaks makes this a far less attractive tool.  This is now a waste of time compared to other available services.  


What a colossal step backward.  I can get the same functionality in Google for free.  Why would anyone want to pay for it?  We used skip logic in surveys to allow questions based upon which group clients were in.  Why would you intentionally dumb down your product?

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I think I echo everyone here to say the *new* survey tool lacks many of the functions that made your last tool so great. Skip logic, comment fields, ability to select how many answers can be selected, page breaks and progess bars (which came with skip logic). I'm disappointed and hope to see you all ramp up the survey tool again. 


I'm curious to see if the data analysis tools are different (read: worse) than the old ones. 

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Adding my Comment originally posted ‎04-01-2021 03:47 PM so that it can be included in this thread.


New Survey Feature - No Skip Logic Functionality!

I have been a frequent user of the Legacy Survey feature for over ten years. I tested the new Survey feature today and was appalled to find it to be the dumbed-downed twin of the Email Editor. There is no Skip Logic function available in the New Survey. Skip Logic is used to move the survey-taker to another location in the survey based on their response. As an over-simplified example when building an event feedback survey, Question number one asks if the survey-taker attended a specific event. If the answer is no, the survey-taker is 'skipped' past all the survey questions and taken to a thank you page. This is CRITICAL survey functionality!


I will also add that other essential functions are missing:
-Cannot attach a comment field to a question
-Diminished reporting capabilities: limited output choices and doesn't export responses in same order as survey
-No opening or closing pages


I agree with many of the comments posted above.  The Legacy survey tool made Constant Contact a standout compared to competitors.  We have management software which integrates with a competitor but wouldn't consider moving because of our reliance on Constant Contact's feature rich legacy survey tools.  Since we'll now have to look for another survey vendor, we have compelling reasons to consider moving from Constant Contact.


Constant Contact, what is the update??

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While the new survey tool allows for "prettier" surveys, it is significantly less useful than the Legacy Survey suite, as it gets rid of things like skip logic, the wide variety of question types, etc. Why not keep both available?
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Hi @RaulN we apologize for any inconvenience from features of our legacy survey not being carried over to our updated survey campaigns. We are however always open to ways we can better our users experience. In fact we would recommend commenting on this larger thread focused on adding the ability of skip logic in your survey. On the other hand, what type of questions are you looking to have in your survey?


Bring back skip logic!

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Please bring back skip logic. 

This was a valuable tool for our association.  With these changes, I might as well collect my data on a web form through our website or find a new tool.


We're missing the 'skip logic' feature as well. We'll have to use Survey Monkey this time.


As I have shared several times this year, I would like from the Legacy Surveys at least the option for the contact info block (name, email, phone number) replicated in the new Surveys Campaign. It's clunkier and a lot more spaced out to make each of those things a question of its own in the new one. 

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I agree with this post. The new tool is Horrendous. Why can't we have the back-end functionality and awesomeness of the older system and a pretty look? This system is not easier to use. The analytics are worse. I can barely decipher what the results mean. There are no more charts, stats, graphs. I can't share this with Management. If this is not improved, I'll be forced to look for something better. 


Removing skip logic has made this terribly simplistic. Why on earth would you remove a good feature that made you stand out?


I just came back to create a survey for the first time in a year and the new creator is definitely a step backward. Skip logic is an integral feature for us. We are a software company and rule #1 is don't TAKE AWAY features with new upgrades. I will need to look for another tool. 

We are contemplating moving from another platform to Constant Contact.  These comments are absolutely steering me away from the Constant Contact platform.  If the survey tool is unable to provide skip logic, comment fields, a limit to how many answers can be selected, it's pretty much a deal breaker.  To also read there are no page breaks and progress bars (which are very conducive to complete participation in our surveys), makes me very sad I'm going to have to keep looking for another platform.


Please consider this a priority update to your current survey platform.


I haven't been able to evaluate data analysis on the collector as we haven't upgraded yet, so this would also be very important to our scope of work on survey projects.


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The new survey format is very bad

No skip logic

No closing and greeting page

Same as above comments.


Don Dinnerville

Senior Account Executive

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Have you seriously removed the legacy survey tool before implementing all the features it had?  No skip logic?  Just wow.


I also wanted to comment that the loss of skip logic is terrible. Is there an update @ConstantContact?!? Seems like I am joining this conversation months after it was started and there's not been an update. This feature is pretty basic to surveys. When can we expect this to be updated @ConstantContact?


Just providing additional feedback on the new survey tool. The inability to use skip logic makes the new survey tool unusable. And the fact that we can't capture any contact information is ridiculous. I am taken aback that these are not options and that this "new" survey tool is even being put out there as a replacement for the old option. The two don't compare at all. 


The change in the survey tool makes Constant Contact a waste for us now. We need skip logic for every survey we do. Why would we pay extra for something that is basically useless now. We have so many other issues with Constant Contact that this may be the final straw. We will be looking for alternative mail programs that also provide the various features we need. Very disappointing.

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Another voice of discontent about the loss of skip logic.  And, to remove the legacy function without replacing it is a total outrage.  

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I am perplexed to understand how a new survey tool doesn't have skip logic, which is essential to survey creation. I am doing my first event survey since 2019 due to not having this event until now. Since Constant Contact does not have skip logic, I will have to create my survey through Qualtrics, since it has the function I need. It makes it difficult when I have to use a different program to create a survey and then attach it to my Constant Contact follow-up email. It just isn't logical. I would recommend that Constant Contact spend some time listening to its users because this isn't the only issue with its product. There are so many options now that it becomes difficult to justify paying for a service that continues to have issues and removes essential features from its product. I have a lot of projects and very little time so having to use two different services to send an email event survey is not an ideal situation for me.


Agreed this is necessary! This is so basic, I am extremely disappointed in the new survey format! 

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