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Individual guests vs. Table Reservation

ugh! we want to allow individual guests to purchase tickets and we want to allow businesses to purchase a table of ten....and, because we're in the business of wanting to know who is attending our events, we wanted to ask for the name of the business who would be purchasing the table and the names of the guests who would be seated at the table, but no can do! We can only get the names of the individuals who have purchased tickets. Most events allow for table registration as well as individual guests, so I'd love to see this restraint removed from Event Spot.
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Thanks for sharing this feedback!

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we need a place to add special requests like a table location they are requesting or add certain table # request

When registering for an event, it would be helpful to have the option for guest entry under a corporate table fee. I am able to put a corporate table as an option, however, when that person goes to enter their guest name(s), it adds the per person cost to that guest. Certainly not user-friendly on the front-side or the back-side. 

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