Wow, sending an invitation for an event was much more difficult than I was expecting. This is the first time I've created an event campaign, and I'm surprised that creating an invitation isn't a lot more like creating an email campaign. Why so many limitations with the invite? We don't get the same design options, no option for a resend to non-openers...wouldn't it have been easier to loop the email campaign platform into the event campaign platform so that creating an invitation is just like creating any other email via Constant Contact?

YES!  Creating just an email vs. emailing in an event are so different!  Very little flexibility in an event.

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Apparently no way to resend a previous invitation to new contacts. If there is, I can't find it.
Status changed to: Voting Open
It seems sending an email from events does not allow you to automatically schedule a second email to days later to those that did not open. This should be a standard email feature - events or otherwise.

The whole event registration part of the platform has not kept up with the other features of Constant Contact. I am worried that this will be discontinued soon and we'll have to pay more for another platform to do this too. I use the events, email and survey features with the same folks on my list, and I will be very sorry if this falls apart.

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