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When I look at my landing page from my RSVP link via my mobile device, the layout is bad. I would prefer the registration appear at the very top of the page not scrolled all the way to the bottom. Thanks!
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Hey @StephenB4254, thanks for your feedback! With the event page, would you prefer for the event details to be at the bottom of the page or would you like to see that content removed from the registration page and just show on the event landing page? 

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 Hi @Chris_D,


I'd prefer to have people go immediately to registration via the email link i.e. fill out the requested information. It seems like too many steps to get them from my email invite to actually filling in fields. 


As regards to the mobile optimized landing page, I've attached some screenshots showing how the email fields are all the way at the bottom .Screenshot_20190112-074814.png





Thanks for sharing that additional information @StephenB4254! I've opened this idea up for voting. If you agree with this idea, make sure to "kudo" it! 

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