Let surveyees to enter their name into fields & have that as the respondee, rather than ‘Anonymous’

Would it be possible to make the survey response list have names, rather than ‘Anonymous’ for the responses directed from third party sites, by letting respondees enter their name into a field? We use the survey feature to let people sign up for our MN State Fair booth, but we send them to our site from the email, because we want them to check what shifts are open before they go to the survey (via a link on the page). Because of this, all of our responses say ‘Anonymous’, which makes tracking responses harder.

Hi Jeff, 


Thank you for providing feedback on our survey feature. I have a few FAQs that may assist you with having your registrants not show as anonymous. When customers access your survey through something other than the survey invitation email or the "insert survey link" feature on Constant Contact, they will show up as anonymous. 


When Survey Respondents will be anonymous

Difference between anonymous respondent and a contact respondent

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