Lets fix long ago discovered problems with EventSpot, PLEASE!!!

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The html editor does not show the same thing on the back end as it does on the front/public end. I have sent in many, many complaints about this. Example, if you put paragraph spacing in the back end to make the reg form easier to read, it does not show up on the public side. How about giving me the ability to put in BOLD type so something is payed attention to and not glossed over. Next issue is a big one but for some reason CC has ignored this after many requests to fix it. We use ES for registering TEAMS and the lack of ability to add guests, that have no fee attached to them, after the initial registration you can't do this if you have a fee for registering. This started out to a math issue and I get that but I have suggested many fixes to this problem that should easily enough be added to ES. Example, if I am registering a baseball team well in advance of the event I may not know the exact name of every player during registration when doing this 9 months prior to the event. Baseball requires at least NINE players so say let me require a MINIMUM number of guests just like you let me set a MAXIMUM number of guests and they would be listed as unknown. If you could just fix the fee/no fee issue based on the GUEST having a fee attached to them instead of the registrant, would be much easier in my opinion but for some reason two plus years of complaining about this has resulted in zero fix attempts. Got lots more, call me if you want it. **Removed By Moderator**

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