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Link Survey to an Event

Many times survey's are conducted after the event has occurred. Rather then having to go to the survey module, create the survey, and some how transfer the attendees to the survey distribtution list, link the survey to the event when it is created, just like the registration page and confirmation notifications are done. Allow the creator of the event to create and schedule the survey, and have it automatically go to any attendee that has been marked as attended. 

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Thank you for your suggestion.
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I would like to be able to compose a survey within an Event so after the event ends I could send all the attendees a survey about their experience.  As it works now, I create the survey and have to hand pick each of the recipients from the registration list.  

Do you provide survey option for past events
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Hello @RichardP07. This is a great question.


We have Survey as it's own feature, you can follow this link to learn how to create and use that. http://knowledgebase.constantcontact.com/articles/KnowledgeBase/5571-create-a-survey


Were you looking for something built into the Event product?


 Hi Beatriz - I just found this thread.


Yes, it would be extremely helpful if a survey could be sent to the attendees of an event, similar to how you can send an email from the event page. As Nina mentioned earlier, the current functionality means that you need to manually add each attendee's name to a new distribution list. This is tedious (even for a small event), leaves a lot of room for error, and causes the creation of an otherwise unnecessary distro list.


Please advise if there's an easier way to do this that I'm missing. Otherwise, thanks for considering this enhancement.

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People have been asking for this feature on multiple forums in CC since 2013 and it still hasn't been addressed. It is EXTREMELY time consuming to have to create a survey and a new "list" after every event.  A link to a survey for the people confirmed for the event is a simple request.

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The worst part is that this is listed as a feature on CC event management homepage.  This is completely false!Event_Management_Software___Constant_Contact.jpg

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