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Make Survey URLs Secure

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We want to conduct surveys on a military base using constant contact, but because the link is "http" and not "https" the base will not allow it. Is there any way to change this? If so how? If not, it's annoying and I feel that these days secure sites should be industry standard.

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Thank you for sharing and bringing this to our attention! We are now tracking this request thanks to your feedback.

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With all due respect, it is unacceptable that constant contact has allowed for this vulnerability to exist for so many years knowing full well that SSL security is no longer a luxury but a standard due to the high amount of attacks and information theft that exists online.  Im sure that with constant contacts human and financial resources, yall can address this issue that seems minor but in reality is a huge inconvenience to both your customers and the future growth of your company.  The fact that none of the information our potential clients fill out is safe is truly scary.  Can someone please let me  know if there is an alternate solution for this? and If not when can we expect the forms to finally have SSL encryption?


Hello @MikeS2572,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! We do completely understand why you would like our survey tool to have SSL encryption and have the pop-up be secure. I will definitely submit your feedback on this and we will contact you with any future updates to our Survey tool. Thank you!

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I have heard that surveys sent through Constant Contact do not use "https:", is this still an issue or has it been resolved? I am intending to use this for a government department.

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Has this issue been addressed and fixed? 


Hi @KristynC34. We do not have any new information to share with the request to make survey URLs secure.  If we have any new information, it will be posted here. 

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by the looks of it the SSL issue is still alive and kicking.