Many Problems With Your Survey Interface

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1) If you limit amount of characters in the message, you should TELL the person prior instead of just automatically deleting what they just wrote because they went over your character limit. That was an unexpected, unpleasant, time and energy wasting surprise. 2) Why limit characters at all? Not meaning to insult but who are you to say how many characters we should use? 3) Question font is in 12 point but answer font is in 10 point. I HATE this. Answer font should be same as question font. Also 10 point is TINY, way too small for these important questions. 4) Color should stay the same when you change it so you don't have to do it over every time. 5) In general, your survey interface is complex and complicated. It should be simpler so we don't have to call every time we send out a survey.
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Thanks for sharing this feedback! Have you tried using the Global Colors & Fonts menu to control the font size and color with just one setting? You can control titles, questions and answer formatting in this menu on the left of your email.


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