Method of payment change needed

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Hello, We have had multiple errors in our registration because Method of Payment defaults to PayPal. For some reason unknown to me, people are not seeing this as something which needs to be selected and then in the case of PayPal filled out. People are skipping down to the Register button. Then their registration ends up as Abandoned. I would like to see Method of Payment a required field with nothing selected. Then if one of the radio buttons is not selected, registrants get an error message similar to what they receive when they skip a field I have designated as required. I have had to contact over 20 people due to this problem. Some of them think they are registered, some realize they did not receive an email confirmation that they are registered and contact me. Correcting this problem takes up a lot of my time. I would really like to speak to someone about this problem. My email is the official contact for our EventSpot account.
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Thank you for this feedback. Setting a default payment option or having no default and forcing them to choose could be an excellent addition to the product.
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