More file types for exporting results from survey page

Please add a way to export the survey results via PDF. The chart report is much easier to share with upper management than the excel file.

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Hi @GeorgiaP05  this is a great idea! We have opened up your post so other users can weigh in on this feature request as well.

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Why cant we export the results in a PDF format any more??
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Why is there no reporting function for surveys so results can be shared with others in a professional-looking report? Exporting results just dumps everything into a spreadsheet and then I have to convert that into an actual report. There needs to be a way to download a report with all the results compiled and ready to send to out.
I wanted to suggest that if it would be possible in the future to export the survey results graphs in PDF vs CSV. It takes a lot of manual labor to create a "readable" report and it is a paramount feature that we need in the survey service. Thanks!
Is this a joke? The export is not helpful at all. I'm supposed to reformat everything and what, cut and paste pictures of the graphs? I don't think csv should be the only option.
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