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More file types for exporting results from survey page

Please add a way to export the survey results via PDF. The chart report is much easier to share with upper management than the excel file.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @GeorgiaP05  this is a great idea! We have opened up your post so other users can weigh in on this feature request as well.

Regular Participant
Why cant we export the results in a PDF format any more??
Occasional Participant
Why is there no reporting function for surveys so results can be shared with others in a professional-looking report? Exporting results just dumps everything into a spreadsheet and then I have to convert that into an actual report. There needs to be a way to download a report with all the results compiled and ready to send to out.
I wanted to suggest that if it would be possible in the future to export the survey results graphs in PDF vs CSV. It takes a lot of manual labor to create a "readable" report and it is a paramount feature that we need in the survey service. Thanks!
Is this a joke? The export is not helpful at all. I'm supposed to reformat everything and what, cut and paste pictures of the graphs? I don't think csv should be the only option.
Regular Participant
Good Morning, The improved survey design is lacking. Now there's no PDF chart reports. Why? You can't even download the charts shown on the results page. Why? Thank You, Christine Call 850-508-0363

Why did you decide to allow export of survey results only in CSV format? Last time you allowed also Excel and PDF, and it was so much more useful and convenient. Why change something that is working just fine? We hope that Constant Contact re-evaluates this change and adds back the variety of formats for survey results export.

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