Move registrants from one event to another

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PLEASE give us the opportunity to move a registrant from one event to another. This system does not allow many options...
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Hi @AmberE51 what are some cases where you would want to move a registrant from one event to another? What steps would you expect to take to be able to do this?

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We schedule several events annually. There are many occasions where a registrant has a scheduling conflict and needs to be moved to another event. There is no way in the system to do this other than cancel them and have them re-register altogether which is a pain in the accounting and back end.  In the 'edit details' of that registrant, there could be an option for 'Move to another event'...or something like that. Another feature that would be GREAT, is if we could change the names of those registered under someone else. When a single person signs up, yes you can edit their details, but if they register another 5 people along with them, you cannot edit those details. Having the flexibility to edit registrants is HUGE and very important to us. So important that we have been looking for a new event management program for the lack of options with Constant Contact. I have made several requests over the past 8 years, none of which have yet to be addressed in the system. It is frustrating for a user to not be able to do what we need to with our events.

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