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I'd love it if there was the ability to create multiple archive lists. I'd like to use the archive widget to display lists of product-update newsletters that I send out, and I have multiple different products that I do that for.
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I just stumbled upon the Create Archive Webpage, and promptly used it to give my boss and archive of all his E-Newsletters. It's great - however we have others within our organization that would like the same thing, but you limit the number available to one per account. We need the option for several archive webpages to accommodate the communicators in our organization. My question is why the limit? Our company could use one for each officer that publishes a regular newsletter, and we all send to the same contact lists - why force us to buy multiple accounts when we only really need one? Thank you for considering this!
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Thanks for posting this feedback!


I agree wholeheartedly. I write/edit numerous monthly newsletters that go to completely different audiences. I would like to have an archive homepage for each newsletter. As it is, we decided to use the archive homepage for our employee newsletter, but that means we can't use the archive homepage for any of our outward-facing newsletters. We need Constant Contact to provide its customers with a way to display past issues of each newsletter separately.


A quick search here shows that this issue was brought up a couple of years ago. I'm suprised it hasn't been addressed.

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Thank you for sharing! This is great feedbaclk. 

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Why was this change to No Action?? Our organization could use this option, too! It's offered by other email services. How about it, Constant Contact? 



We also need this feature! We're a statewide organization with multiple newsletter brands serving multiple audiences, and would very much like to sort and embed archives for each of them in the appropriate locations on our website. 


Let's get this multiple archive option going please, we could really use this as well! It's been a request for many years, as far back as 2015 i see!

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Yes.  As a church, we have multiple ministries that serve different functions and impact various niche interest groups within the church.  Having the ability to embed different archives would be most helpful since we are using different lists within CC.  It makes sense that if you are emailing to different lists, than your readers are obviously different, which would then mean you need to have the option to have different archives (defined by CC Folders) to match your readership.

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