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Hello CC, How are you?  The way I track my email campaigns and look back is not from their Title, Date or Image, which is all I can currently see in the Campaign List View.  What I need is a column for the number of Sent emails.  That is always a unique number, and it is the way I look back.  Why?  Well I can't search by image, because I use the same template over and over, so all the images look the same.  I can't search by Title, because I send the same Title out to 3 different groups, or more. And I can't search by date because my brain just doesn't work that way, and I am not tracking my campaign dates outside of CC.  You are the only place where the sent dates are recorded.  Why should I do double work and records outside of CC?  Anyway, the number of Sent emails is my ONE method to know who got what and when.  It would be nice to have that count as a column in the Campaign List View.  It's my quick reference, but is not available.  Please let me know if that will ever become part of the list view.  I think it used to be, but then was removed.  Maybe you can make it optional in the List View?  Thanks for your help!  I have my own software company and know all about the unique needs and wants of customers, so don't sweat my request.  Appreciate your great service.   Keep up the good work, and be well.

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Hi @AprilZ51 by send count, do you mean the total number of contacts you've sent the email to? How would you expect to search based on this number? Users do currently have the option of sorting campaigns by the size of the sent contact list through clicking the "sends" column title in the table on the Reporting tab of your account. Is this the kind of sorting you were looking for?

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Hi @AprilZ51 thanks for this clarification! This is a great feature request we are opening up so other users can weigh in as well.

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