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Need for one email to be able to register multiple times for an event

Need for one email to be able to register multiple times for an event

I am using Constant Contact for registrations for a church Summer Camp. We need separate registrations for each camper. We are having a problem with parents who are trying to register more than one child. The limit of one registration per one email address is VERY FRUSTRATING!! There should be a way to allow the same email to register more than one participant for an event. Please call me if you need clarification on my problem:**Removed By Moderator**. Thank you!!

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I agree.  I host an event where business owners come and bring their employees.  Those employees don't always have emails so they can't be registered online.  If your online registration only works for part of my attendees, it is not worth much to me.

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Has this issue been fixed? Most of the comments are old.  We just created our first event and discovered that one someone registers for an event, they can't register additional folks or family members using their same email address. Thanks in advance

Wanda - The Compassionater Friends RVA



We have a large scale event, in some cases the tents a single exhibitor reserves are for multiple businesses.  As organizers, we need to know these are seperate, but exhibitors/business owners need to be able to manage reservations from one email. Looks like we are all STILL in need of a solution!  Please allow for multiple registrations/purchases from the same email!

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It is really problematic that people cannot register multiple times for the same event -  this at least should be a an option that event managers can opt in or out of for their events.  Come on CC - its not rocket science

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Your system has a serious flAW since it will not allow a person who has registered or purchased a ticket for an event, to come back in to buy or register again.  MANY PEOPLE will come back to an event page to buy additional tickets.  PLEASE FIX THIS OR I WILL HAVE TO USE EVENTBRITE.

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It would help our company so much if your event campaigns allowed someone to register again with the same email address. We have retreats where people pay a deposit, then a balance due. It's so confusing to them to not be able to enter the same link to pay again...or, they want to register more people, and can't use their same email address. This causes us to have to open multiple event campaigns for the same event, in order for people to be able to get back in to pay or register more people. We deal with groups a lot, who are registering multiple people.


Thanks for your consideration!


Laura Harder


Wow, unbelievable that this issue is still ongoing, since 2012 when this thread started.  Where is the logical explanation from Constant Contact to defend it's policy out not allowing more than one registration per email? People do need to go back and register other people. Why is that banned? I was thinking I set something wrong during initial set up when guests started calling me.

If it's a data quality issue then say so. The lack of an official explanation five years later is ridiculous. I have another event planned, and I'll be looking elsewhere for an online registration system.

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Agree this is a frustrating part of Constant contact.  

I have asked this question for at least the last 3 years about the inability to register more than one person on same email.  there are many reasons to have to do this.  

Asked again this year and was again told that its a good suggestion and will escalate it up to their developers at CC.  Still not done.

Only option I see is to abandon constant contact and find a different platform


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I really appreciate lots about Constant Contact, so will keep waiting for a solution to this problem. Hope it comes soon! 

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I agree. One email should be able to go back in to register for more people. We are using the registration for our events. One of our events allows for a person to sign up for a table of 8 people. They want to hold the table but do not always know will be their guests right away. They should be able to go in later and add their guests without having to use a different email address. Alternatively if we could add people on our end without requiring an email this could work as well.