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Need for one email to be able to register multiple times for an event

Need for one email to be able to register multiple times for an event

I am using Constant Contact for registrations for a church Summer Camp. We need separate registrations for each camper. We are having a problem with parents who are trying to register more than one child. The limit of one registration per one email address is VERY FRUSTRATING!! There should be a way to allow the same email to register more than one participant for an event. Please call me if you need clarification on my problem:**Removed By Moderator**. Thank you!!

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I completely agree! Also, sometimes a person will want to register additional people as guests, after the fact of registration. If you can't have duplicate emails, at least let them edit their own registration--or at least the event creator should be able to!

Is it possible to add a feature that would allow for the importing of mulpitle registrations?  I see that I can manually add one registration, but not multiple.  I have an event where a sponsor would register and be given 10 individual registration for free.  When they register as a sponsor they pay for the registeration.  They do not always have the list of the 10 individual that will be attending at that time available.  I would like to be able to provide them with a pdf form to provide the 10 to me.  Once I receive that, I would like to be able to upload that into the registration rather than manually entering each one.  I am aware that you can upload into the email marketing side of constant contact, so is it possible to have such a feature available on the event side as well?


Hi WillistonWire

There isn't any function to allow bulk registrants manually under the same person but this is a good idea for the future!

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I'm selling raffle tickets and if someone registers / purchases raffle or event tickets, their email address is saved and they are not allowed to purchase again with that same email address. The only way to work around this is to change everyone who register's email address so they can purchase more tickets at a later date
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On your event registrations, you require that email addresses be filled out, but some people do not have an email address. We find it frustrating that we can't eliminate (or make optional) the email address box.
There needs to be a more obvious/clear cut manner for our registrants to register multiple people (in our case family members) under the same email address. My suggestion is to place two buttons at the bottom of the registration form "add additional participants" and "continue to payment"
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Please include the option (for the event co-ordinator to choose) on event registrations that people can register multiple times from the same email address.
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Any update on this Hannah_M?