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Need for one email to be able to register multiple times for an event

Need for one email to be able to register multiple times for an event

I am using Constant Contact for registrations for a church Summer Camp. We need separate registrations for each camper. We are having a problem with parents who are trying to register more than one child. The limit of one registration per one email address is VERY FRUSTRATING!! There should be a way to allow the same email to register more than one participant for an event. Please call me if you need clarification on my problem:**Removed By Moderator**. Thank you!!

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I agree.  I host an event where business owners come and bring their employees.  Those employees don't always have emails so they can't be registered online.  If your online registration only works for part of my attendees, it is not worth much to me.

New Member

Has this issue been fixed? Most of the comments are old.  We just created our first event and discovered that one someone registers for an event, they can't register additional folks or family members using their same email address. Thanks in advance

Wanda - The Compassionater Friends RVA



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We have a large scale event, in some cases the tents a single exhibitor reserves are for multiple businesses.  As organizers, we need to know these are seperate, but exhibitors/business owners need to be able to manage reservations from one email. Looks like we are all STILL in need of a solution!  Please allow for multiple registrations/purchases from the same email!

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It is really problematic that people cannot register multiple times for the same event -  this at least should be a an option that event managers can opt in or out of for their events.  Come on CC - its not rocket science

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Your system has a serious flAW since it will not allow a person who has registered or purchased a ticket for an event, to come back in to buy or register again.  MANY PEOPLE will come back to an event page to buy additional tickets.  PLEASE FIX THIS OR I WILL HAVE TO USE EVENTBRITE.