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Need for one email to be able to register multiple times for an event

Need for one email to be able to register multiple times for an event

I am using Constant Contact for registrations for a church Summer Camp. We need separate registrations for each camper. We are having a problem with parents who are trying to register more than one child. The limit of one registration per one email address is VERY FRUSTRATING!! There should be a way to allow the same email to register more than one participant for an event. Please call me if you need clarification on my problem:**Removed By Moderator**. Thank you!!

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Wow it's been 4 years since this was first suggested? How many votes are needed for an idea to hit the developer table for next project? This has been an issue for events as when a family member sends out a email to ask who wants to go, I'll take care of it, there are always the late responses.

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Consider this another vote! Argh!!


And another vote!

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Our company also needs the ability for a person to be able to use the same email address to register multiple persons for our events.  This could cause us to look at other event software if it does not get fixed.  There is no work around either.  

You really should think about allowing the same email address to be used for registering multiple times for the same event/campaign. Not allowing this creates your platform to be unusable for some organizations
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Add another to the agrivated customers. You shouldn’t have to fool the system with another email in order to register multiple students or attendees

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As this has been issue for 5+ years and there seems to be no interest on Constant Contact's side to address it, we will be looking for another solution. Any ideas? Eventbrite?


Each time I look for answers to omission of simple, basic Event Registration features I find that a) ConstantContact has been aware of the issue for years, and b) ConstantContact has no intention of doing anything to resolve the many issues. 

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Has there been a solution to this issue?

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I too have complained multiple times but Constant Contact does not want to address this. No wonder so many are using Eventbrite.