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Need to be able to edit calendar appointment

Need to be able to edit calendar appointment

Please provide the ability to edit the calendar appointment for an event that is generated by the "Add to calendar" feature. I would like to be able to get a link to the actual webinar in the calendar invite itself. The link in the calendar invite goes back to the registration page, where an attendee will not see a link to the actual online event. So the calendar invite doesn't really do anything for an attendee besides reserve the date and time. They have to revisit reminder emails or their confirmation email in order to get the webinar link. We have many webinar attendees emailing us for the webinar link because they are relying on the calendar appointment, which doesn't contain it.
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Thanks for sharing this feedback! 


You could customize the calednar item if you wanted to create a new file as an ICS file and host it on your website or third party hosting service!

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CTCT Employee
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