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Need warning about plus campaigns

Need warning about plus campaigns

I went through the process of creating a survey, but not until I spent time working on it did I realize you needed to pay extra - I think it would be beneficial to include this information at the beginning, as it was incredibly confusing and frustrating. Then, when I clicked the link to learn more about the costs, etc., the site continued to time after an hour, I'm still not sure if it's part of the tool I can use or how much it's going to cost.

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Just created a registration page only to find out after all that work/learning curve, that I have to upgrade or pay $50 to use it. Thanks a lot for making me waste my valuable time!!!
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Totally agree.  They are very sneaky with how they promote their services.  If the survey will cost extra JUST SAY SO ahead of time.  Be upfront and transparent with customers and they dont mind paying for premium services.  Instead they like to back customers into a corner and try to force their hand to pay after they have invested time and energy on the front end.  I dont trust vendors like this and I would rather pay 3x the price with a vendor who clearly has my best interests at heart.  After using this tool for 7+ years, I can attest CONSTANT CONTACT DOESNT CARE!!!

Hi there!  I spent lots of time creating a survey, only to learn that as a user but not owner of the account I could not send it without paying an additional one time fee or upgrading.  Maybe a block or notification or something before all that work is done so unsuspecting users like me don't use a bunch of their time only to not be able to send it?  Just sayin' :smileyface:

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Your cost of surveys is outrageous! I have been with you for over 8 years and I am insulted that you would try to charge me $25/month more just to have access to surveys. That would be great if I sent out surveys on a regular basis maybe 4 times a month or more, but if I only send out maybe 2 surveys a year that is $150 each! And even to pay $50 for an individual survey that is ridiculous! I will definitely be looking for an alternative elswhere. 


(and while I am on the subject of surveys... why is it that I have the option to Bold, italicize, underline, link, choose fonts etc in this email but not in a Survey where it would be far more useful??!





I just had the exact same expereince. 

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I am absolutely furious, just spent a hour developing this survey only to find out after taking the time to complete it, that I have to pay an extra premium - absolutely foul play.... money grabbing company.... It should be made clear in the first instance that this is a paid for service, instead you let us create the **bleep** document and right at the end when we have spen1t ages perfecting it - you slap a charge!!! Disgraceful
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I just wasted a bunch of time creating a birthday invitation and now I can't send it - I already pay too much every month
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I just spent over an hour creating a coupon & when I hit the 'Activate' button, I got a pop-up that says this feature is not included in my subscription. Why do I even have access to features that are not part of my subscription?! I am UNIMPRESSED!
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I was qute pleased to try the Event Promotion interface, but was a buit put off, when after an hour of editing my Event Promotion, I was informed that the fee to make it live was $50 on top of my monthly subscription fee.  :smileysad:

It is incredibly annoying that if one has an account that (unbeknownst to them) requires an upgrade to actually publish a survey, one is not told that until AFTER ONE SPENDS TIME CREATING THE SURVEY.


Be up-front with your surcharges. We are not all experts in your pricing structures.