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Need warning about plus campaigns

Need warning about plus campaigns

I went through the process of creating a survey, but not until I spent time working on it did I realize you needed to pay extra - I think it would be beneficial to include this information at the beginning, as it was incredibly confusing and frustrating. Then, when I clicked the link to learn more about the costs, etc., the site continued to time after an hour, I'm still not sure if it's part of the tool I can use or how much it's going to cost.

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Are you kidding me that I just spent an hour creating an event just to be told that I need to pay extra to make it live?  Not happy!!!!

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You could mention that there is a fee when you begin creating one, rather than at the end
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It would be helpful to clearly state the cost of creating and launching an event, before creating one.

Agree - I just went through the whole process of creating an event campaign only to find out I have to pay per campaign but cannot find basic info on what the cost would be - I have a small list at present.

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I'll add my displeasure with this bait n switch

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I wished the system would have stopped me from creating my event and THEN telling me I had to UPGRADE to utilize the feature. What a waste of my time
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I have less than 2K contacts, I pay almost 450 a month, but I can't make a survey without upgrading? **bleep** you. I'll be a mailerlite customer by the end of March and you can go out of business.
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Seems like every customer should be able to send the following emails without paying extra.

Birthday email
Anniversary email
Hello, I was trying to set up a survey through your service and after I had created it and tested it I was informed when I hit the "publish" button that my account wasn't allowed to do that and I need to upgrade. So I and your future users don't waste time creating surveys they then can't publish, please prompt users with the "upgrade" screen when they first click survey and NOT after they go through all of the hoops to make a survey only to deny them at the last step.
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Please inform the customer that if they are designing or working on/with something that is not included in my package, that they may incur and extra cost. Or, do not have the access to design and build something in my portion of the app. A customer doesn't always remember what features were included in their purchase package. Seems like a simple notification would help with customer satisfaction.