Needed Improvements to the Landing Pages

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Needed Improvements to the Landing Pages

hello - we love the landing pages but they need to be better!  Please consider the following options;



- Please allow us to make all of the various fields available mandatory or non-mandatory (not just the email address)

- Please make it possible to select Province or State as separate buttons not "State/Prov"

- We'd like that, when we remove all existing email contacts from an established list, that the system no longer shows a populated number on that same email list.  Right now, it appears to always remember the total number of emails originally added to the email list.


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Hi @SusanM29. I wanted to address a few parts of your feedback.


  1. You can make fields required on your landing page by using the toggle to the left of the field when making edits.  
  2. Would you prefer to have two different fields available when creating the form? One for state and the other for province?
  3. When contacts are deleted from a list, the number of contacts on the list should update right away. I would recommend contacting our Community Support team at communitysupport(at)constantcontact(dot)com so they can review.