New Survey Tool - Another Step Backwards

Today I tried out the so-called enhanced survey tool and again, the update is another step backwards. Why no required questions option? If none of the questions are required, the new survey tool is useless. Why are you making us return to 2002 with these lack luster updates? The new email system and registration system still doesn't have US Virgin Islands. I think you need to have a better testing group. Better business analyst who gets what really is needed or you need to cut prices and let us know we are not advancing. Thank You Christine Call *Number removed by moderator*

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @AnneK126 both required questions on your survey and being able to select territories like the US Virgin Islands are feedback we have tracked and submitted on your behalf. We have also opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well.




Just to clarify on this one - the ability to have a required question is a feature that exists. It should be a slider below the answers:requiredquestions.png

@AnneK126 - Would you mind explaining further on your comments on the US Virgin Islands missing? Was that also related to the new survey landing pages, or is that related to registration for an event or elsewhere? Thank you!

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