New Survey Tool is not useful

While the new survey tool allows for "prettier" surveys, it is significantly less useful than the Legacy Survey suite, as it gets rid of things like skip logic, the wide variety of question types, etc. Why not keep both available?
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Hi @RaulN we apologize for any inconvenience from features of our legacy survey not being carried over to our updated survey campaigns. We are however always open to ways we can better our users experience. In fact we would recommend commenting on this larger thread focused on adding the ability of skip logic in your survey. On the other hand, what type of questions are you looking to have in your survey?


As I have shared several times this year, I would like from the Legacy Surveys at least the option for the contact info block (name, email, phone number) replicated in the new Surveys Campaign. It's clunkier and a lot more spaced out to make each of those things a question of its own in the new one. 

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I agree with this post. The new tool is Horrendous. Why can't we have the back-end functionality and awesomeness of the older system and a pretty look? This system is not easier to use. The analytics are worse. I can barely decipher what the results mean. There are no more charts, stats, graphs. I can't share this with Management. If this is not improved, I'll be forced to look for something better. 

Same as above comments.


Don Dinnerville

Senior Account Executive


Just providing additional feedback on the new survey tool. The inability to use skip logic makes the new survey tool unusable. And the fact that we can't capture any contact information is ridiculous. I am taken aback that these are not options and that this "new" survey tool is even being put out there as a replacement for the old option. The two don't compare at all. 

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