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The new survey system is deplorable. I've lost features that I had on the old system. I am unable to collect data properly, and the data that I can collect exports in a jumbled mess. Sorely disappointed. I cannot, in good faith, recommend Constant Contact to any of my colleagues anymore. 

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Hi @MelyssaP7 we're sorry to hear you feel this way about the reporting in our updated Survey Campaigns! What type of reporting are you looking for? How do you expect your exported information to display?

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I would like to be able to optionally collect contact information from respondents so that they can be entered for a gift card drawing. On the old system, I was able to include fields like First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone as an optional (not required) field should the respondents choose to do so. Now, I've had to circumvent the new system that you forced me to update to, and include that data as 4 separate open-ended questions. Therefore, when I export the data (because our customers WANT the chance to win the gift card), it doesn't come over cohesively with their other Likert scale responses and it takes me a couple of hours to sort what responses go with what respondent so I can link up the email/phone with the proper person to notify them that they won the gift card. 


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The new survey is useless. It allows each user to vote as many times as they want, which invalidates the purpose of any survey. The information it provides is now useless. 

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I agree @HelenaH. Completely useless. And I gave feedback MULTIPLE times BEFORE this new version went into effect, but it fell on deaf ears. Really hate Constant Contact right now. 

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Constant Contact:  please pay attention to this survey issue. I urge you to contact a statistician to understand what is going on. Surveys are useless once you allow the same user to vote repeatedly. CC new survey results are confounded by allowing the same users to vote over and over again. This is not American Idol. We are business people looking for accurate, usable information from all of our customers and we need accurate results. We are being forced into other platforms due to this change. 

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We used to love Constant Contact (for the most part). Now, we are looking elsewhere and will not be recommending it to others.


I work for an AMC with a smaller association client and having email campaign and survey options in one place was a great benefit. We just renewed for another year in August and feel like we wasted our money. Other clients are also having issues and we as a company are looking for other options that will better serve our clients.


The new survey tool is just awful. We utilized the skip logic feature for almost all of our surveys in the past. Now it isn't even an option.


Other key features that are now missing:


1. The types of questions that we can now create is very limited compared to the legacy survey builder.

2. The ability to resend the survey to people that haven't taken it in a seamless one.  Updating the list the survey goes out to in a second round is now a completely manual process.

3. The export of the data is terrible. The old exports were great. Now I am having to spend hours of time converting the data into a usable format before I can spend my normal amount of time analyzing the data. 


Our AMS has a survey function that is now the same quality (or better than Constant Contact) and now has an email campaign functions that improves regularly.


We are considering our options. Constant Contact is too expensive to now provide little value to us now that the survey tool is gone.




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For the first time in a decade, I'm preparing a survey in a different tool.  The simple task of having a single question rating several items on the same scale is not available.  What were they thinking?  This is the best example by far of a company ruining a good product and alienating their customers - yes, rivaling "New Coke" on a smaller scale.  Sadly, our "survey tool classic" has yet to arrive.

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