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New survey pages missing critical functionality

We have used the Legacy Survey feature since 2013 to see which customers want more information about certain topics and also capture new leads for our database, using the "Please include your contact information" section that is optional for the person filling out the survey. 


Where is this functionality in the new survey format? 


We don't just email the survey link to existing people in our databases. We also post the Legacy Survey links on our website, so anyone can fill them out to request more/future information. If they decide to provide their contact information (which 99.9% opt to do), they are added to one of our email databases. 


Right now, if they fill out one of the “new” surveys, they are unable to opt in for future communication with us. And all responses show up as coming from “Anonymous.”


Why does this statement: "If you just opted in, you're consenting to receive marketing emails from ..." appear at the bottom of the new surveys if there is not a way for someone to "opt in" to communications on that same form? That makes zero sense.


Why is this not a function of the new survey?  


Until this is fixed, how can we accomplish this a different way using your Constant Contact tools?


Other missing/problematic items:

--Numbering of questions is missing.
--The ability to close out a survey at a specific time of day (example: at 2 p.m.) is missing.
--A closing page (to thank them/direct participants back to our website or elsewhere) is missing.
--In exporting all results from the new survey, each answer to a question is treated like a separate database entry. In the Legacy format, if someone clicked two of three boxes on a survey question, the results were tied to that one entry (Example: The number 1 appeared in that column in the exported information, if that box was clicked.)


Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @JenniferH487 thank you for sharing this feedback with us. We're always open to ways we  can better our user's experience and apologize some of these legacy survey features have not yet been carried over. With that said allowing users to opt-in through your survey link, numbering questions, closing the survey at a specific time and your feedback on anonymous responses through your shareable URL has all been tracked with the appropriate teams. As for your the thank you page on your survey, what kind of customizations were you looking for? We also would recommend sharing your feedback on the results export formatting on this thread request. That thread is focused on having the ability to export results in the same formatting available in our legacy survey campaigns. The more comments and kudos a feature request like that receives, the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team.

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