No double-dipping for shared trackable coupon

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If Sam Sharer and Ronnie Recipient are both members of our Savers Club but are unaware of that, if Sam Sharer "shares" his coupon with Ronnie Recipient, how can we prevent Ronnie Recipient from being able to "claim" the shared coupon because he already received the same coupon Sam Sharer did and we don't want Ronnie Recipient to be able to double-dip the coupon to get twice the discount. Would Constant Contact implement a simple e-mail check when the recipient of the shared coupon enters their e-mail to claim the shared coupon? If Constant Contact already has that e-mail on file as having already received the coupon, can they return a message to the claimer that they're already a member and have already received the coupon and therefore can't use the "shared" coupon? Thanks for your consideration. Dan Malone 715-834-4601
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