No metrics for Event pages?

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We created an event registration campaign, and an associated  Event Landing Page.  Discouraged there is no analytics-type reporting for the landing page. 


In addition to actual registrations, it would be very valuable to gauge level of interest from the invitees.  Simple data on landing page clicks woul dbe very helpful, such as:

  • Number of "Add to my calendar" clicks
  • Number of "Register now" clicks

Getting contact info on who clicked would be neat, but not necessary.  Simple counts would goa  long way to help evaluate interest and response rates.

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Hi @BoschSecurity thanks for sharing this feedback with us! What are some cases where this type of reporting would be helpful or used?


Hi.  The goal here is to identify those who have taken action regarding an event invite, but have not yet registered.  Knowing which (or even how many) invitees expressed interest can help us gauge the relevance of our event to the target market.  From a user action standpoint, each click in the process below implies an increasing level of interest:

1. Opened email invite

2. Clicked link in invite

3. Clicked "Add to my Calendar" link on  event landing page

4. Clicked "Register Now" link on event landing page

5. Registered for the event.

For our event we wanted to follow-up with "interested" parties via phone.  Having relevant analytics on the landing page would have allowed us to focus our efforts on the "more interested" leads in categories 3 and 4 above.  In a since, this is similar to the eccommerce practice of follow-up communication with customers who have an un-bought item in their cart.



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