Numerical rating option for survey landing page

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The new survey update eliminates several types of questions! We regularly use the "rate items on a scale" and "rate items numerically" options. Why did these go away and do you have a suggestion on how to reword these types of questions to make them work? VERY disappointed in the update - while it says it's meant to be easier, I actually find it more difficult to use and will continue to use the Legacy version until it is phased out and then I will probably switch to Survey Monkey.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @JillB96. Thank you for the feedback on our new survey pages. We'll open this idea up for voting and provide updates if we hear anything. 


Why did you get rid of the rate items on a scale on the survey pages?  We use these surveys for Class Day Evaluations, and it will now be impossible for us to compare year to year data as to how classes rate events without this feature.  Do you plan to increase the question type options as you develop these pages?  This seems like a really bad idea and may lead us to finding another platform.  You've taken away a lot of the functionality of the surveys.

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