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Would like to be able to insert pdf's into an email instead of sending them as a linked document.


Also would like to be able to forward CC emails that I recieve from other accounts to groups in MY CC contacts without having to try and recreate the email. 


Hi Jeanne,


Thank you for your feedback. The PDF being inserted directly in your email is a functionality that's not available as it needs conversion to be done. You can convert it on your end before adding it to your email. Here's a good post with tips on how to use PDFs in your email without it being a link: 6 Great Tips on Using a PDF as Your Email. We will look into this for you to see if it is something we can develop in the future.


As for the forwarding functionality, that is a limitation as our users need permission from the actual sender to forward their created emails to their own contacts. So this is a copyright issue and we want to make sure it does not get violated, that's why we do not have a quick easy way to get this done. 


Thanks again for your suggestions! Please keep voting for other features you want to see. 


Anna N

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