Partial Payment (Deposit vs Full Payment)

Eventspot needs to allow the customer to make a distinction for deposit fee vs full registration fee, and allow for user to pay the full amount at a later date on their credit card.


The reason being, I operate a camp that requires several months in advance of full payment a partial payment or deposit for camp.  I simply cannot do that in Constant Contact.


Eventspot is missing out on a huge market by not doing this.



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Thanks for posting this feedback!

Status changed to: Voting Open

Any progress on this?  Can deposits be made in Constant Contact now?


Hi @ChiArts. While we are keeping this thread open for tracking, we are only fixing critical bugs for our current event campaign feature and we are not planning on making any updates to the event product. We are pleased to have created a partnership with Eventbrite so that our customers can use the leading event management tool for small businesses, in conjunction with Constant Contact. We have developed a deep integration with Eventbrite so that you can easily add an event to an email, track registrations and send follow up emails. We encourage you to try out Eventbrite and give us your feedback. 

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