Pick other contact fileds to include in Survey Results

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It would help to be able to include other contact fields, like company name, in the results list and corresponding download.

Hi @JessicaP453


What contact fields would you be looking to export? What are some cases where you would need this information to be included in your survey results? Does including an open ended question to collect this information directly through the survey help fit your needs?

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Company Name and/or Account Number (custom field) is the information I need. Yes, I can create a field(s) and have users fill it in, but they don't always know their account number. Sometimes users type a company name that is different than the name that we have their account listed under. I would rather pull the information from the contact record. I know that is correct. It also seems less personal if I have to have them tell me who they are. I should already know. Right? :wink:

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